Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Small, Medium, and Really Big

Visit me at ARTicles today...we're using small amounts of acrylic medium for BIG gift ideas!

I'll be back here on Thursday with some Usual Content.

So "follow" me on over, if you'd like :)

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Bits and Pieces

We're still two weeks from the official start of winter, but I'm coming out of hibernation. After a summer of bad gallery run ins I took a three month hiatus from mosaic making.

And I ended up wishing I hadn't. See, as my husband was trolling craigslist one evening, he he stumbled on a post from a gallery owner looking for new artists. Readers who followed the gallery debacle this summer won't be surprised to learn that I wasn't exactly eager to rush a portfolio over for review. But my husband insisted --repeatedly--that I send some pictures, and when that wasn't enough to elicit action, he sicked my daughter on me. So, I assembled some pictures: pots, seahorses, crabs--the usual things you tend to see hanging around here--and a few days later, I got an email inviting me to pop on into the new gallery with whatever I had. Trouble was, due to the hiatus and all, it really wasn't much.

So...I sprung into action. I decided to focus on pots, as that seemed manageable.

And I dug the fruit tray from the back of my hutch, where it had been in hiding since its Summer Smackdown.

The curator at the new gallery loved my tray, but had some great suggestions for mixing things up. So I went home and designed a new "Glitz and Glam" line of shiny things, just in time for the Christmas Show.

And then? I was finally inspired to put together a facebook page for my work. I hope you'll consider visiting me there, in what I hope will become my virtual studio. I'll have pictures, ideas, and links for you as well as savings! Right now, in fact, I'm smack in the middle of a 48 hour sale--stop on by for some last minute gift ideas!

And if that weren't enough? I've finally opened up my ARTicles blog. Nothing here at Running With Letters will change, but ARTicles will give me an outlet to focus more on the creative arts. I hope you'll follow me on over there, too!

And speaking of blogging and coming out of hibernation, it won't be another three weeks until my next post. I've got a lot to share, actually, and it will be coming out here in, well, bits and pieces, over the next few days.


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