Essential RWL Terms:

U1: University1 (My main job and alma mater)
U2: University 2 (Where The Minister attends and I teach one class)
U3: University 3 )Where I am pursuing my MFA)
Meet The Characters:

Hi, I'm Cynthia, your protagonist.  You're rooting for me because even though I'm haphazard, inconsistent, and mildly troubled, I'm always up for adventure and I enjoy a good laugh--even if its at my own expense.  My plot lines involve a quest for meaning, purpose, and great art, while combating antagonists such as grading papers, winter, and processed food.  A teensy tendency toward hypochondria and anxiety serve as fatal flaws. Allies include coffee, cats, and Canon cameras.  I teach freshman composition at my alma mater while pursuing my MFA in Creative Writing on a nearby urban campus. I dabble in visual arts, zoology, and organic pursuits.
No story is complete without a supporting cast.  In my case, this includes:

My dear, sweet, stable husband, Mr. RWL who keeps me on track.  It doesn't hurt that he's pretty easy on the eyes as well :)

The Baker, my daughter who is a pastry chef.

My youngest, The Minister, who is an 18-year-old student and music minister at the church around the corner.

Audrey my naughty husky puppy who is too cute to be listed as an antagonist, but  really ought to be.

Sister My oldest friend and closest confidant. 

Lisa my artist friend and partner in all things organic as well as sundry crimes.

Lori, who's occasional appearance is often a signal that something wise and wonderful is about to happen.

This season is set to introduce some new characters in brand new plot lines. Mixing it up is how we roll here.

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