Monday, March 21, 2005

Queries Aren't Like Socks, Afterall

It's become clear that I have risen to my level of incompetence. After having so many queries, SASE's, and emails disappear like so many socks in the dryer, I guess it never occurred to me that an editor might actually respond. I mean, really, sending these things out is just an exercise in theory, it's just what we do.

Thinking no one ever really reads these training exercises makes us so bold. In a query, anything is possible. Any amount of words, any subject, any time. I'm your girl. Bring it on. I can even sprout wings and fly it to you if you'd like. Heck, if you need it yesterday I'll build a time machine.

How was I supposed to know that I stood the risk of having A SERIES of human interest assignments come my way a week out from the Writers' Conference I coordinate? The week that art grades are due at school. The week I put a hundred things out on ebay and they all sold. The week of meetings, overdue emails, and forgotten luncheons.

Who are we kidding, though, really...of course the ebay is littered all over the dining room table, the students are with a sub, the luncheons and meetings went the way of this year's hockey season.

I'm on assigment, afterall.


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