Saturday, October 06, 2007

Fall Break

Readers, I am basking in the delight of four and a half days with nothing more on my agenda than focusing on all the important things that have fallen through the cracks over six weeks of school. I'm going to shovel out my desk area, finish some art projects, and add some posts to my neglected blog. There's a backlog of topics I'm planning to write about here over the next few days. Expect pictures, pontifications and some thoughts that will hopefully make you smile and think. Although my fall posting schedule has become a shadow of the summer schedule to which you may have become accustomed, don't give up on me. I have no plans to let this forum become part of the flotsam and jetsam of my current post-school existence. We'll talk more soon.


Catherine Wannabe said...

Hoorah!!! Enjoy every moment.

Sorry I was unable to call yesterday...ended up not taking a lunch.

Try again soon. Until then, I'll keep track of you here.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes blogs are all we have, glad to know it will be there.

missing you but understand - school - whew!


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