Friday, April 11, 2008

I Think "Court Jester" is a Great Job Title

“May I ask who’s calling?” I asked in the crisp office voice I’ve cultured ever since I was reassigned from the database to Anything But the Database.

“Prince Books.” Startled, I considered asking the caller to repeat himself, but despite the improbability of receiving a call from royalty at the graduate office, I was certain of what I’d heard.

I walked to into Dr. S’s office and asked, perhaps with a bit too much pomp and circumstance, if she could take a call from Prince Books.

For a split second, she too, looked alarmed until she paused, mentally reassigning stress to the appropriate syllables. Her lips crinkled a bit at the edges, but she quickly gained command of her composure before taking the call.

This is more than I can say for myself, as I walked back down the hall, remembering exactly what we do at the graduate office—you know, things like procuring text books from publishers, and the like.

For some reason I think the word “telephone” is about to be edited from my job description.


Catherine Wannabe said...

LOL! This is classic Paddington stuff!

£¡žž¡ [c.h.e.a.] said...

hey, i wanted too know if i could be a character in your next book...ben told me to ask you (:

Andrea said...

So, I'm the one that was reassigned the database designee and I distictly remembering this happening. I laughed so hard reading this... I miss the office and our funny mishaps.


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