Monday, October 13, 2008

My Number is Up



Jen said...

Thats exciting!!.. Congrats!!

Catherine Wannabe said...

HOORAY!!! I never doubted for a moment!

RockinBlueGlasses said... that all? I'm just kidding. Congratulations!! I will have a beer in your honor at the hockey game tonight.

running_with_letters said...

I'll take the 195, although a stopping so short of a perfect 200 almost seems like collapsing a yard from the finish line--LOL. I'd personally upgrade you to champagne, but somehow beer seems more fitting for a hockey game.

Thanks, Jen and Cat for the encouragement, too...I'll take all of that I can get :)

Steve said...

Yeah Cindy, congratulations, happy for you !!!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, people get what they work for! I had no doubts, I totally believe in you..


Anonymous said...

You are awesome. Great job!! You have always been able to accomplish whatever you determined to do.



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