Friday, March 27, 2009

Back on Real Time

If you happened by today looking for a Flashback Friday piece, I hope you won't be too disappointed to learn that Flashback Fridays have run their course: we're back on a strictly real time format.

Accordingly, I'm blogging live from a Writers' Conference where I'm soaking in all the literary trends, talk, and tips I can get as my masters program is about to go the way of Flashback Fridays. I'm 10 weeks shy of a whole new chapter as I exit academia and re-enter a cut-throat world peopled by agents and editors and polluted with trails of crumpled rejection slips. But as presenter Alex Kershaw established moments ago here at the conference, writing is an "unhealthy addiction" of which I will most likely be afflicted for the remainder of my life.

Which means that there will be so much bloggable material unfolding in the coming weeks, there's no need to rely on flashbacks.

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