Thursday, February 04, 2010

Mosaic Prayer

Dear God,

Could you please take the scattered mass of vague ideas and interesting-yet- disjointed thoughts that occupy my mind and somehow fit them together in a way that is attractive, yet functional? Please don't forget the chipped little fragments from everything I've already messed up. And those little pieces I've loved for so long but haven't been able to force fit into anything I've ever designed. Then, could you sort of cement it all together with your own brand of mortar so I won't disrupt the pattern with my clumsy, chaotic flailings?


I love to blog. Really. But I'm also having a fling with the visual arts, and getting re-acquainted with a book proposal that has been languishing in my files since circa 2003. I don't know how--or if--it all fits together. I just couldn't let another day pass without at least noticing this little piece of my life. If you're still out there, I'd love to know. It would make me smile.


Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Sounds like fun! I would love to see the product of your fling with the visual arts too, if you don't mind to share!

Cynthia@RunningWithLetters said...

Jade, I am definitely eager to share. Just give me a little finish some things and to prepare some posts. Thanks for being interested :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, Yes, you have been missed. I check every day to see what word tapestry you have woven, and sometimes just to have a good laugh!

5thsister said...

I miss you, too, Cynthia, however your endeavors sound very intriguing! A fling with the visual arts, you say? A book proposal? Hmmmmmmm. Tasty tidbits to tide us over!

Anonymous said...

We are still here, looking at our own mosaics of dreams, feeling comfort in your words.

Love you,

Gropius said...

Your metaphors with words and visuals are always inspiring! Let us know more about the book!

Holly said...

I've been wondering where you are/were. So glad you are back. You are inspiring me to revisit the few book proposals that I have sitting around..almost finished and the ones I am supposed to be working on.

Cannot wait to see and hear excited for you!


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