Friday, April 29, 2011

Backwards is the New Forward

I believe in second chances, diamonds in the rough, and crushing lemons into lemonade.

I believe that things happen the way they’re supposed to, and lamenting about the path not taken is just a stall tactic that keeps you from logging mileage on the journey you chose.

I believe that missed opportunities were never yours to begin with, and thinking about what could have been just keeps you from recognizing what will be when it finally arrives.

I believe that the Air Force is right: perception is reality. I think Newton was wrong: when I’m gone, I’ll leave footprints to prove I was here.

I believe in celebrating victories like there is no tomorrow and mourning loss as though it meant something.

I believe that healing comes when you can laugh through your tears.

I believe in laughing at myself, because if I don’t someone else will and then it won’t be fun anymore.

I believe that words are powerful and the best writing happens when the author has no idea what comes next.

I believe in flying by the seat of my pants and that sporting rug burn is the only fashionable way to arrive late.

I believe that success is often calculated by taking what you wanted and subtracting what you got.

I believe in living my life story rather than counting its pages.


I don't remember writing this, or under what circumstances. In fact, I barely remember a time when I felt so confident about The State of Things. But according to Microsoft Word, I possessed the above clarity in May, 2003. I found this creed sans context in an unnamed file while searching for some seed material for an impending assignment. I bolded the font, printed it out, and posted it over my desk as a sort of Adventurer's Tip Sheet. I'm officially reclaiming this mindset from when I was younger, and, apparently wiser. For this adventurer, backwards appears to be my best path forward.


Jen said...

I may be able to jog your memory.. I don't know if you remember.. but that would have been around one month or less from when Mindy, Margaret, and I (along with a few others) graduated HS. And just a few months after that we left for College! Feels like a lifetime ago.

5thsister said...

Wow! Isn't that something to have stumbled upon. Excellent treatise my friend.

Willoughby said...

Fabulous! I'm so glad you found it and posted it!


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