Friday, November 04, 2011

Two Books, Two Winners and 4.5 Chapters

Just popping in to congratulate Erica @PinesLakeRedhead--the winner of the book giveaway. (I hope your nieces love the books!) Also happy to report that Polly won a set of books in a simultaneous giveaway on my facebook page.

I haven't been around as much this week as I'd hoped, due in part to news related to my books. I haven't mentioned it yet over here, but I am writing my next YA novel "live" online--posting work-in-progress chapters roughly one a week on my other blog, Snapshots. I'd love to have the company over there if you'd like to join me. I've been "absent" over here this week, trying to get chapter 5 up and running, but it has been slow going. I have about an hour now to see if I can get it up before I need to go do freshman writing conferences at the university coffee shop, so feel free to pop on over and start reading and if all goes well, chapter 5 will be online by the time you get there :)

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Hyacynth said...

Happy writing! Hope it's going so very well for you. :)


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