Monday, July 22, 2013

Ins and Outs: A Bloggy Update

My real-life world has found me in and out the past two weeks--heavy on the "out", with the "in" consisting almost solely of drama springing from an unplanned, albeit successful redecorating project. Amidst the paint, boxes, and general upheaval (at one point the front two rooms had all the earmarks of a fresh move in) I was too deeply entrenched to document the chaos, rendering me extremely "out" in terms of my virtual abode.

 When I was physically "out"--commuting 3 hours each day to staff the art cabin at a semi-local camp, spearheading a 10 hour road trip to track down an elusive piece of IKEA furniture after we accidentally sold our couches and were left to lounge on obesity camp chairs my husband accidentally acquired though a sketchy "earn free stuff" program, things like that--I composed wonderfully witty and insightful posts that were offered via brain waves to the universe.

 So here's a run-down of the current ins and outs: Ins (things you are likely to hear more about):

 1) Tiny Houses. Likely in response to angst/exhaustion/weariness over the redecoration and the resulting flood of clutter, I have become infatuated with these compact little beauties.

 2) Art. I miss teaching art. That is all.

 3) Travel. I've got to get out of here. (yes, I know I haven't even finished telling my Haiti stories. I can do it in the car. As long as I'm not driving. Who's up for a road trip?

 4) The Appalachian Trail. My friend, Lisa, and I leave for a mini-adventure in just over a week!(Yes, I know how ridiculous #4 makes #3 one needs to call this out.)

 Outs (things you aren't likely to hear more about):

This category is basically limited to one entry--The Mystery Funds Saga, which ended in the most routine and unsatisfying way it possibly could have. I received a check for exactly $100.94 with no further explanation given. I mean, I'll take the hundred bucks, but really? Where's the resolution? The intrigue? As endings go, this one was as pedestrian as they come. So, it looks like I will be in a little more this week, both IRL and virtually, so perhaps some of the thoughts sent to the universe will return to roost here, along with the rest of my Haiti stories.

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Joanne Tanner said...

What? No credit given to the girl who INTRODUCED you to tiny houses? hmph. And I am always up for a road trip! Wish you had a military ID, though... then we could take Space-A hops to places like Germany or the Azores or Antigua for like $40.


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