Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Ticket to Ride

So that post every day in November thing?  It didn't work out. My prior post--the one about the grading--pretty much says it all.  The final month of my 3 university fall semester closed in around me like a deflating rubber raft on choppy seas.  As soon as that paper pile was graded, another one was right behind it.

The spring semester started today, and I'm discovering the ups and downs of a new schedule.  I have an 8 AM (bad) but am done teaching at noon (good).  The course I teach at U2 isn't offered this semester, so I won't be driving to North Carolina twice a week (good for sanity, bad for bi-weekly trips to my favorite coffee house and mid week lunch dates with The Minister).  I am finally teaching a sophomore literature class (really good).  I am very excited about this particular class.  Per course catalogue the description is:

The Great American Road Trip and Other Epic Travels, hits America’s iconic highways and footpaths as well as the lesser-traversed landscape of the inner self. 

Super fun.  So fun, several people have expressed an interest in my reading list and perhaps reading along with the class (all the adventure, none of the work!).  So I have decided to document the highlights through a regular Friday feature right here on the blog.   

Can I keep up with it, you ask?  Fair question, what with the November fiasco and all.  Nothing in life is certain, my friends, particularly in the realms of academia and travel, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?  Or, if you prefer, every journey starts with the first step. Or feel free to insert your own cliché.  Regardless, I will be back on Friday.  See you then!

In the meantime…remember when my friend Lisa and I headed out on the Appalachian Trail with our dogs last summer and posted our adventures on our respective blogs?  Lisa took a hiatus from her series (for reasons I'll let her explain) but finally decided to finish--so stop on by for her version of how the trip ended.

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