Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Second Interview

Spoiler alert! This post contains graphic depictions of sweat. I am obligated to state this at the outset, as my husband hates blogs about sweat.

So the forces of The Big Three failed to thwart my first interview. I forgot they had reinforcements.

I got a second interview, and, buoyed by my apparent invincibility earlier in the week, I was perhaps overly optimistic, I realized, as the comfortable window my way-too-early departure time afforded was dwindled to near panic status after a series of unexpected construction delays. This was particularly troublesome, as another well known nemesis had me frantically scanning the horizon for minute marts.

Last summer, there was a little false alarm here at RWL when I mistakenly thought I invented sweat shields. A particularly violet outbreak at an event caused me to retreat into a rest room and fashion a keep-dry solution with some free maxi pads. Although saddened when internet research revealed that my idea wasn’t novel--indeed the market is flooded with such absorbency products--I decided that my homemade model was more economical (although I now purchase the pads, rather than rely on rest room freebies).

Unfortunately, I decided that my new interview shirt was dark enough to go sans absorbency, which I discovered enroute was faulty assumption. It became clear, however, as construction site dissolved into construction site that I wouldn’t have time to make the purchase even if a store materialized. Frantic, I looked around the car for back up. All I had on hand was a ball cap, which I stuffed under my left pit, and a cloth coffee cozy, which I slid under my right arm. I figured this stop gap measure would at least keep the water damage from expanding.

I pulled into the packing lot with a minute to spare, remembered to pull the cap and cozy from my shirt, tossed both on the seat, clamped my upper arms tight against my torso and plunged in. My seemingly limited range of motion in the upper body did not generate inquiry. The interview went at least as well as the previous one.

This is so meant to be.


Anonymous said...

Oh Cindy, you are a first class comedian. Your real life encounters are truly on a par with Lucy of 'I Love' fame.

Jen said...

Lol.. you are too funny!! I can't read you posts at work because I'm afraid people will be able to hear me stifle the laughter!

The sad thing is I can totally picture your perplexed face and this just makes the situation even more funny to me! You need to take a picture of that so people who don't have the pleasure of knowing you personally can picture this part of the story... I can just hear the "oh dear"...

Anonymous said...

If they're smart, they will hire you BECAUSE of all the things that make you so very much fun - like puffy flops, coffee spots, sweaty pits and the ability to find the humor in it all. Boy am I proud of you!

Not so anonymously,


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