Friday, August 28, 2009

Virtual Tour Delayed Due to Accident

Alert readers know that earlier in the week I promised a virtual tour of the painting in my new art classroom. Moments before I sat down at my computer to upload photos of the progress, an accident occurred which has severely hampered technological capabilities here at RWL.

It started when I sat my alumni mug, chock full of fragrant morning coffee next to my laptop-- which was sitting uncharacteristically on the counter-- in order to perform a quick vacuuming of my sun room's tile floor. For reasons that are still unclear, I decided to proceed with the vacuuming up several steps to the next room, despite the fact that the vacuum was plugged into the same counter top outlet as the computer. Seconds later, the joy of watching the dust, dirt and debris disappear into the mouth of the vacuum was quite literally shattered.

To my horror, I witnessed my morning joe flowing rapidly through a ceramic riverbed. The mess! The coffee loss! The all too brief tenure of the alumni mug! Seconds into processing the carnage, I realized that my laptop--which I ironically received as a graduation gift--had not been spared from a scant splashing as the liquid made its descent. Now, I was initially hopeful, as my screen remained bright and I saw that the keyboard's fluid wasn't remarkable. However, it wasn't long before the machine started beeping ominously, and I realized that I may have just suffered a commencement-themed catastrophe of unprecedented proportions.

My computer is currently resting upside down within a yard of the scene, awaiting further prognosis. I discovered, in the aftermath, that I had a bloodied limb, although it was nothing more than a surface wound.I'm posting from a rickety old machine, itself propped up on artificial legs to keep from overheating. Stay turned for updates and information concerning the rescheduling of the virtual tour.

In memoriam June 2009-August 2009


Tranquil Thunder said...

Never a dull moment (or a lack of computer work) around here...

Anonymous said...

ok, I know this is really sad what with the blood and fragments of credentials and why am I laughing hysterically?


Anonymous said...

Oh, what a terrible turn of events!! And, how disciplined you were not to drink from the mug until you graduated. Then there's the computer, all for a bunch of dust bunnies!


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