Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Old Business

As small child who whiled away many an hour inventing diversions with the minister’s kids during the alarmingly frequent and shockingly long business meetings that took place in our itty bitty country church, I learned the importance of settling Old Business. Nothing—and I do mean nothing --stands a chance of moving forward when there’s Old Business lingering on the docket.

So let’s just clear away some Old Business here at RWL, specifically in regard to last week’s collision of latte and laptop. I am happy to report that my computer survived, although a series of setbacks caused me to be cautious to share the news.

Secondly, I am going forward with the promised virtual tour of my new art classroom, although I am sorry to report that the photos do not reflect the latest developments and will convey a slightly unpolished appearance. However, my determination to lay Old Business to rest causes me to be considerably less cautious in sharing the slightly outdated pics.

I painted the elements of art around my half of the shared room (the other side is a science lab, which works out better than it sounds, thanks to having a great professional "roommate")beginning with line.

Value, color and texture appear just to the left of the shelving at the edge of the "line" photo.

The back wall looks a lot better in real life, as I had time today to finish the bulletin board.

I hesitate to go on, as I'm beginning to feel like one of those bloggers who posts all the little minutiae of their lives-- dinner choices, the cleaning of the bedroom photo shoot--you know the ones--but I've gone this far, I really have to show you the closet/workroom:

There's a sink, which I find really amazing, except of the funky smell, for which I've been provided with three canisters of environmental cleaning packets I'm told to use "at least once a week."

There's also room for all sorts of supplies!

OK, I'm going to stop now. Thanks for visiting my art room, even though I fear that there's an outside chance that all of this is only interesting to me, which would, in turn, make this the dullest post that has appeared at RWL. But then again, I don't recall any items of genuine import appearing under the "Old Business" heading. So, Dear Reader, should you find yourself identifying with me and the gaggle of minister's children huddled in the dank church basement wondering when the Old Business will ever conclude...let me assure you that some very New Business, indeed, is on tomorrow's agenda.


Anonymous said...

I'm interested! Looks great and I am jealous! A REAL CLASSROOM!!!!

Jen said...

I think its awesome! And I am also interested.

patricia minium moonis said...

Wow! This is a great room! With supplies! You have a way cool job. :)

Cynthia@running_with_letters said...

Thanks, guys! :)

Kathy said...

Congratulations Cindy! Love the new classroom! You have some very lucky students!


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