Friday, October 30, 2009


"So what did you do today, Mom?"

My son greets me with this question every day when I pick him up from school, and lately, it's replaced "What's for dinner?" as the Afternoon Cringer, hands down.

Of late, Wednesday-Friday, at least, I've been embarrassed by my lack of tangible accomplishments to report. You can only answer "blog post" so many times before you begin to wonder about yourself.

This week, my typical challenges in productivity have been hampered by a bout of general malaise. At one point yesterday, I began to wonder if I was finally succumbing to the Pig Plague, but then remembered that I'd forgotten to take my allergy meds for nearly a week. After popping a dose, I felt pretty good--good enough to go running, in fact (whew--something for the After School Report!)only to feel bad again a couple hours later. So bad, in fact, that I dozed through least two innings of the World Series last night.

Today I am determined to have some Tangibles to report, and I'm wondering, does thinking count? Because I've done a lot of thinking this week. Thinking about the book proposal I keep promising myself I'll put together. Thinking about what's important, and what's not. And then, yesterday? Thinking about what could be one of the best ideas I've had in awhile. I've written before about the delicate balance between my identity as a writer, and as an artist. I have no idea why, but it a split second of possible clarity, a single word came to me and a business card was born. I've been tinkering with it on MS Word, and wasn't sure how to share it with you--so I solved the problem in the only way I know how--with my camera. Here's what's on my screen:

My plan right now is to get these printed up, complete with a currently nonexistent website url and then just give them to everyone--a sort of announcement, if you will, of the types of services of which I am capable of delivering, and then see what happens. I figure it's a no-risk sort of proposition, and, who knows, some cool opportunities may come of it! I'm thinking of the whole concept as sort of the new banner under which I'm sailing.

So, does this count as an Accomplishment? Because that's about all I've got so far...

A note to Regular Readers: It came to my attention this morning that there's a slight chance some of you may have missed yesterday's post. In an odd posting mishap, yesterday's entry got buried under the previous one. They are in order now, so you can scroll down to see if you missed anything. As always, if you do stop by regularly, take a moment to "Follow" or leave a comment so i can appreciate your presence here, and stop by to see you at your place, too!


Kathleen said...

Pig Plague - LOL!

Of COURSE thinking counts for accomplishment, and I think your idea is an ingenious one!

5thsister said...

Yes, yes and YES! The visual of your business name says it all. Very, very nice.

Holly said...

Of course it counts! I count every step.

Charisse and Holly said...

Terrific name for the business. Clever! Oh...and charging a kid to come to your party is WRONG! I think you handled that predicament brilliantly. Thanks for coming by yesterday. Happy Halloween...Holly at


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