Tuesday, December 01, 2009

This Place Reserved for Tuesday's Post

There will be a post today. This just isn't it. So grab a coffee, linger over the last of your leftovers, or, if you're feeling ambitious, get some work done. Have an adventure--maybe even two--then stop back on by after dinner this evening, if you're on the east coast, or for your late afternoon pick-me-up on the west. With any luck, all this silliness will be replaced by today's Actual Post.

Oh--and congratulations to Raoulysgirl, the randomly selected winner in the apple peeler/corer giveaway!

This message comes to you as a public service form Running With Letters. Statements contained therein may not be suitable for any purpose.


5thsister said...

Good going for Christi! A worthy recipient. (I so wanted that peeler!)

Erin said...

I haven't posted yet today, either. Somehow I'm feeling drained even though it's not Monday anymore.

Gropius said...

I need a mental peel the crappy layers from things that haven't gone my way recently. But alas, things aren't tragic. A bad day is a bad day. There's tomorrow.

Raoulysgirl said...

I am so excited!!! YAY!!! I never win anything!!!

I can't wait to get my flour-covered hands on this!!!

Thanks, Cindy!!!


i have just discovered how to schedule my posts and i feel like i have figured out the secret to youthful looking skin - i am scheduled thru tuesday - yee ha!

Holly said...

I am scaling back on my posts..because I cannot keep up! The holidays and just got a new writing gig (boring but pays!)..why over the holidays....why?


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