Tuesday, December 08, 2009

If the Glue is Dry, the Rap Won't Stick

“So just how did this happen?” the school nurse asked when I presented in her office yesterday morning with a bloodied index finger.

I’d prepared for the question—even tried out my answer on an inquisitive preschooler I passed in the hallway enroute to the nurse.

“I cut it on a bit of dried glue,” I answered casually, as though a laceration from dehydrated craft supplies was pretty routine.

“Glue!” the nurse exclaimed, frowning. “I’ve never heard that one before.” She sprung into action, pulling a contoured band aid from what seemed to be a secret stash of Special Supplies.

She covered the tip of my finger with a band-aid that resembled a stout letter “H.” “This should keep you out of trouble,” she said. I thought that was a lot to ask of an adhesive strip, and I’m pretty sure she did, too, considering I’ve been in her office three times in as many weeks.

She asked a few follow up questions, which I answered as politely and vaguely as possible, as I’m pretty sure she’s started a file on me, and I want to be careful not to leave too damning a trail as I’m building quite a resume of equipment from which I’m banned.

When I worked for Dr. S a graduate assistant at my university, I was banned from the Paper Pro 2000 stapler, the comb binder, the copy machine, and the entire data base. By the time I left, I was pretty much down to the phone, but even there, my status was a bit shaky after Prince Books called and I caused a bit of undue excitement when I thought we were in communiqué with royalty and not just taking a routine call from a text book publisher, as we were wont to do at the Graduate Office.

In my brief months at my new post, I’ve managed to get banned from the laminator after setting it aflame during a lunchtime episode that ended in a smoky haze of plastic fumes.

Considering that there is now a big sign on the laminator listing the people allowed to use it (basically NOT me) it’s pretty important that, as an Art Teacher, I don’t get banned from glue. Especially not as the result of an Official Report. Aside from the host of practical problems such a prohibition would cause on a day-to-day level, I’ve got a whole other layer of consequences to consider.

See, when I worked at the Graduate office, one of the jobs I was allowed to do over the phone was collect contact information for the administrators of all the schools at which our graduates are hired, to, you k now, see how they perform in Real World situations. They use this data for all manner of flow charts, pie graphs, and brochures. Which means that some new graduate assistant is collecting all that data, and eventually Dr. S herself is going to call my work.

Although I’m sure she’d file the incident with the laminator under Routine and Predictable, being banned from glue? That’s a rap I can’t allow to stick.


5thsister said...

That is, indeed, a sticky situation! An enjoyable read. I'm curious how you got banned from the stapler. Is it a binding decision?

Anonymous said...

I am going to take minutes at a Safety Committee meeting this afternoon, where empolyees'situations such as you described (we haven't had any glue incidents)are tops on the agenda. The usual conversation revolves around preventive measures. Just think, you could be on my spreadsheet.

Kathleen said...

Really? You can cut yourself on dried glue?

And my opinion is that, hey, if you're willing to take the risk of working with glue, it should not be taken away from you! Maybe you could offer to sign a waiver.

Kathleen said...

And LOL at 5th Sister's comment. She's pretty clever, isn't she? :)

Catherine Wannabe said...

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to read this post in the workplace? I am shaking with laughter and trying not to arouse undue attention!

Willoughby said...

Who knew dried glue could be dangerous?

Holly said...

Someone - you - need to warn the world of the dangers of dried glue...who knew?

Gropius said...

Oh dear, you seem to be almost as klutsy as I am. Please stay away from binding machines, stairs, scrapbooking materials, etc. I had quite a few interesting inquiries myself after triping over dog while walking. Evidently, bloody knees on a 33 year old are mysterious indeed. Glad you received good care for the glue wound.

Cynthia@RunningWithLetters said...

Wow, another day of good comments :)

Polly, I'm with Kathleen--LOVED your wit this morning :)

Anonymous, I am sure this isn't the first time I've been on a spreadsheet, but it IS the first time anyone alerted me to the possibility. You'll have to let me know what the committee thinks about my situation.

Glad you all stopped by to brighten my day :)

Raoulysgirl said...

I just wanted to say...I received my apple peeler/corer today!! I am SOOO excited!!!

Thanks so much...again and again!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid there would be a lot of head shaking, grimicing and wonder on the part of the safety committee, especially during discussion time on what measures have to be taken to prevent this incident in the future.

JadeLD said...

Hehe, that's so funny, I go through accident prone phases but I've never managed the glue one - thanks for the warning though I'll be careful next time I'm using some glue!

I'd get a secret stash of band-aids if I were you, then you wouldn't have to admit to everything!

Thanks for popping over to comment on my blog.

kys said...

You're worse than me! As a teen, I was banned from the fry machine but I've never been banned from office equipment.


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