Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Courtship is Over, and Other Stories

Oh, state of Virginia, looking back, it was all very silly, wasn’t it?

For four years, you’ve pursued me with the persistence of a school boy in deep puppy love. You’ve sent me letters. Initiated phone communications. You even sent one of your own, uniformed finest to my door with a Special Invitation. You went so far as to set aside two full weeks in hopes for my full attention, when I would be at your beck and call.

What happened? I phoned in like you requested. I checked my computer daily for your messages, but found only curt rebuffs instead of details about all the dates I anticipated. And then, this morning—what was that? A computerized message that its over between us, just like that? Didn’t see that coming.

Whatever will I do now, with what is left of my winter break? I’ll have to make my own plans, without consideration of when or where you may need me to come to sit in your courts. I won’t have your messages to wait for each day. When my friends call, I’ll actually have to make independent decisions about how to spend my time.
Although it’s clear we weren’t right for each other—I have to ask—Why you couldn’t have done this 10 days ago? Was it a cheap thrill, stringing me along day to day? If so, that would make one of us who found it amusing.

But it’s OK, Virginia District Court, I wasn’t really interested anyway. And even though I’ve complained heartily about your imposition on my winter break and your subsequent Daily Dissing, I’ve rather managed to enjoy myself anyway, quietly continuing the various threads of my life even without the ability to plan more than 12 hours out.

No, I haven’t been blogging much (sorry Readers!) or commenting on other blogs (sorry, fellow Bloggers), but I did do a little writing, in the form of a functional piece of online journalism. And I’ve been gearing up to crank out some mosaic pieces—and by gearing up, I basically mean sketching and buying materials. As of this writing, I am seriously considering following through on a recent invitation I received to start showing at a local gallery. I waffled on the whole thing for a few days, because, looking the whole thing over, I don’t think I stand to turn over much of a profit—but my husband thinks the exposure might be good, because I would love to do some custom work for clients I currently don’t have. But if I ever print up the business cards I blogged about way back in September, I’d slap one of those on each piece at the gallery and potentially meet some clients.

A few of you might remember this strange wooden piece I snagged at a thrift store last fall, the one my daughter thought looked like a spindly manger,but my friend, Lori, identified as a butler something-or-other? It had a close brush with becoming a planter for my sister, who may either be disappointed or relieved when she reads this report, but it turns out, though, that it’s a cat bed. The plan right now is for mosaic work around the four sides and legs painted in patterns replicating my own kitties. There are some other possible features, but I’ll save those for the reveal when it’s done. Right now, it’s in the initial prepping phase.

I’ve also been going to my art classes: one on mixed media, and the other a portraiture class where we sketch live models. Meet Eegore:

When my daughter saw Eegore, she suggested that my next job should be as a court sketch artist. But, Virginia District Court, you and I both know that that isn't likely to happen.

I’ve also had time to work on my experimental oil painting (which is still in the Work in Progress category):

I’ve also had a lot of time to work out. My new passport arrived today, and I am heading to the Bahamas in three weeks. I was horrified to discover that my summer clothes were tight. So thanks to you, Virginia District Court, I haven’t been off gallivanting on some East Coast Tour, visiting my sister in Pennsylvania or Lori, in Maryland. I’ve been here, running intervals on my treadmill. Biking. Doing floor exercises with the wii Fit trainers, who say I’ve lost 2.2 pounds. And gained a bit of muscle, too, I dare say. So it’s all good, State of Virginia. Just so long as I don’t hear from you again for a good, long, time. Remember, you had your chance. And tomorrow? That’s all mine….


Julie Schuler said...

oh, you know you are sorry you didn't get to perform your patriotic duty!
I am with you on the business card thing. I've been meaning to sit down and design one for a while.
I like you experimental oil. You might want to look up the artist Niall Young- he's a hyperpointillist. His blog is called Dancing for Beginners- you can see his link on the left side of my blog.

Gropius said...

The act of stringing-one-along for any reason is sooo not acceptable. However, it seems like creativity ruled and despite the uncourteous behavior of the courts, you were able to thrive. Loved seeing the pieces you are working on and SO thrilled to hear about your happy travels in the near future.

Gropius said...

The act of stringing-one-along for any reason is sooo not acceptable. However, it seems like creativity ruled and despite the uncourteous behavior of the courts, you were able to thrive. Loved seeing the pieces you are working on and SO thrilled to hear about your happy travels in the near future.

Pines Lake Redhead said...

Break-ups can be so hard in the digital age when it can be done online. At least you have your work to throw yourself into and fabulous trip to the Bahamas to look forward to. I may live in FL but I'm still jealous of ANY vacation!

5thsister said...

I so enjoy hearing from you. I did not know about your cat bed so that will be fun to see as it progresses to its destiny. I agree with Julie, your oil painting is very, very nice. I might also check out the link she left you!

Oh, and too bad about your break up...NOT! Have fun with the rest of your break!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

I think you should show in the gallery- who knows what may come if it? I worked in the art materials business for nearly 7 years, I know may too much about various mediums, if you ever have questions, let me know :)

mama-face said...

Gosh, you are so talented it is intimidating. Love the cat bed...and your plans.

The Bahamas. woot woot. and sigh.

Happy to see (read) you back. :)

Holly said...

Does the state realize what they are missing out on? If they did, you would be there in a hot second. All of your ventures sound so exciting. I love your experimental oil painting...your daughters comment on the sketch was funny (don't let the state find out) art show...exciting!!!!! Do it...print those business cards!


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