Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sitting in the Student Lounge

9 am

Late for work.  Parking lot full.  See straggling student approaching the building.

“Will!” I shout from the spare car I was using because my normal car was on the fritz.  Again.  “Tell the others I’m coming!  The lot is full!”

Drive to the far away parking garage.  Walk from far away parking garage back to my building.


Teach two classes. 


Coffee shop.  Meet with two students while typing in grades for my students at University 2 (U2). 


Teach a third class. 


Drive to U2 in North Carolina.

Teach a 4th class.


Toss son the car keys and ask him to fill the car with gas.  He has difficulty with the card and pump.  Has to send me to get an attendant.


Eat dinner at Panera with son. 

Go to favorite coffee shop.  Change into exercise clothes, in hopes of making it to the gym back in Virginia in time for Bootcamp.


Drop son off back at U2.  Begin mental calculations to determine likelihood of making Bootcamp.


Hear familiar popping sound.  Car shakes.  Smell Rubber.


Survey scene.  Decide to ride shoulder to turn into local car-ish looking business.


Struggling to get to spare tire.  Nice man approaches.  Says he’d be glad to help.  Exercise class morphs from fading hope to instant no-go but at least I’ll make it home.


Man extracts spare from car.  Spare is blown to smithereens.


Park car by dumpster.  Call son, attempt to explain where I am.  Phone dies.  Assume son will come.


Worry that son has not arrived.  Nice men from car-ish business check on me, loan me phone.  Son found a ride but they are lost.  Redirect son and driver with help from nice men.


Son and friend arrive.  Head back to campus.

Husband says he’ll come to North Carolina when he’s done with his own class.


Sitting in Student lounge making bitstrip comics while a dreadful monster show plays in the background.  No end to the crisis in sight.

Ponder how to fast track purchasing my very own Spark like the one I rented several breakdowns back.


Ellen Amarante said...

1. You were in exercise clothes, ready for hard labor.

2. There are free rays.

3. You have lots of peeps.

4. You are safe!

5. A show in the background hopefully means a TV, which you can take over to watch the Red Sox win the Series.

Love you! The lounge would be a lot more fun if I were there with you!

Lisa said...

You forgot to the mention when I returned your call to see if you are "bonus qualified" for the month.

Cynthia Davis said...

Good points. All things considered, I came out of the crisis in good shape. I am home now with the Red Sox 3 outs away from the win. I think the monster movie was less horrific :(

Lisa...Omission noted. At this point I don't feel qualified for anything, much less bonuses....


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