Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Black Rice, and It's Not From Asia: News from the Science Desk

There is news on the rice front.

On Sunday, I explained that we're putting to a scientific test the power of words.  The experiment was a week old yesterday afternoon, and there are developments.

First and least importantly, Monday Me came pack from cyberspace against all odds.  It turns out that if you do accidentally delete Photo Booth videos from a mac, they WILL turn up in the trash…after a long delay, perhaps 12 hours or more.  This is a relatively unknown phenomenon.  In fact, I should probably go post it on some computer geek forum as I did NOT learn this fact from anywhere online, but from my own personal mac authority--a savvy college student who has been dabbling in macs probably since birth.  But none of this is the point.

In truth, I did not hasten to post the video, as, in the final analysis it just wasn't as important as I first thought.  I actually preferred chalking the whole thing up to New Journalism and carrying on.

However, in light of my next news tidbit, I am going to post the video at the end here as an, er, postscript due to the fact that the experiment is yielding results, and it's probably key to show my methodology.

Here is the "good"/"blessed"/"happy" rice:

And here is the "bad'/"cursed"/"sad" rice:

That black dot began forming on Saturday.  I know this is all about words, but I am nearly speechless. Nearly.  I mean, time will tell where this thing will head, but it is, literally, food for thought.

I will keep you updated on future developments.

For now, I will leave you with Monday Me.  And please--talk back.  What do you make of this? 


Joanne Tanner said...

Can't wait to see/hear/read about the results! BTW, if you do this again, there's supposed to be a third option. Neglect. Which, ironically, you neglected to do. LOL Anyway, the third jar of rice you completely leave alone, and believe it or not, it's supposed to turn out worse than the negative jar.

Cynthia Davis said...

I watched several videos of the experiment, and saw a couple different variations--some with the 3rd jar, and some without. I am doing a follow up experiment with the 3rd jar. I addressed this in the video--which you aparantly neglected to watch LOL (disclaimer: Joanne is my bestie…I am not picking on a random commenter…that would be an unwelcome twist on the experiment!!)

Joanne Tanner said...

*sigh* you got me. I got notification of your post while I was busy doing statistical analyses of multiple variables in SPSS from the 2010 GSS for my Quantitative Methods of Social Research Class in preparation for my IRB proposal. It is for this reason I was in a bit of a hurry to get BACK to said analyses before I forgot anything, which is a very real problem. If you want, I can take your reprimand personally and let you know my reaction, like the second jar in the as-yet-unwatched video from your experiment. :) Or, I can just secretly stick my tongue out at you and carry on with my attempt to understand at least a shred of what I'm studying.

Cynthia Davis said...

Carry on. We will need to employ your statistical analysis skills when the experiment goes big. (since you introduced me to the methodology anyway, you can safely skip the video and devote the time to your skill building)

Joanne Tanner said...

Thank you. As for my skills, Joe is a much better analyst than I am. I would be of much greater benefit offering my Psycho/Soc perspective on why this worked or didn't work versus manipulating data/crunching numbers. Team effort means you'll get a two-fer when you hit the big time.

Cynthia Davis said...


George Vacca said...

Dear Cindy. Anxiously awaiting results. However, first I noticed that the room was backwards on the video. Then your part was backwards. Then the signs were backwards. Are you concerned this may skew the results? It's like...a parallel universe or something. (Mom wants to know if the jars are too close together...perhaps picking up vibes.)
Love you. Dad

Cynthia Davis said...

I remembered too late that Photo Booth (a mac application) records backwards--but I just went with it ;) Funny, I thought about "jar transference" too. As the experiment goes on, I am seeing logical flaws all over the place, but that is the beauty of science.


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