Sunday, February 09, 2014

Reason #4563 Why I Love My Husband

The tones eminating from my livingroom sounded a bit like poorly recorded 80s music, but I knew immediately what it was.

I’d already seen that our friend, Patti added a link to my husband’s facebook wall featuring a chorous of hard drives belting out Tainted Love.

My husband has—for fun—been rebuilding various laptops that have belonged to the collective children of our two families—nine kids, total—7 theirs, 2 ours.  I think a few of my old laptops were in the mix, too.  He’s been swapping good parts and scrapping old—especially hard drives, which was why Patti thought of Brad when she came across this cultural tidbit. 

“Do you think you could do that, Brad?”  I asked as I entered the livingroom.

“What?” he asked, alarmed. “No, no, DEFINITELY not.  I am NOT that nerdy.”

I forgot about the whole exchange until a few moments later when he wandered into the kitchen murmuring something about power, and reeds.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“The hard drives,” he answered, sheepishly.  “I think all that’s required is a power supply and a reed system” (whatever that is).

“Oh!  So you really could make music with your extra hard drives?

“Oh, I’m certainly not nerdy enough to act on the knowledge!” he said, emphatically.

So far, I’ve hear no original techno music.  But I have heard a few suspicious bleeps coming from his desk that have made me wonder….


My husband was applled last right about the inaccuracy of my reporting.  So he grabbed his kindle to correct my inaccuracies.  He was concerned my poor reporting would make him "look dumb."  But blogger seemed to think he was spamming, and would't let his comment post.  So, as a journalist, I must give you his statement as he expressed it:

"Not a "reed system," a "read signal" or maybe a write if it makes a different sound"

There you have it.  Clears things up, right?

FWIW:  I was thinking of the instrument, as in he needed a reed to match the tones of the hard drives!!

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Anonymous said...

Not "reed system," "read signal..." or maybe a write if it made a different sound. Hmmm.


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