Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Brownies, Bunny Cake, and Brewed Coffee (Grounds)

This a quick little post about Monday baked goods and an update for those concerned about the much-maligned New York Capri Pants.

Last week’s photo shoot was a wonderful success. The photographer followed the girls through the entire brownie process: licking the batter, sliding the pan into the oven, eating the proceeds before they cooled. He even sat though our lesson while the brownies baked. My editor sent the final layout to me yesterday, and the piece looks great. She even added an editor’s note, with links to my new website and books.

My son volunteered to take pictures so all of you could join in the fun. I’m sure these images will make you feel like you were right here with us.

Don’t you just feel like you were sitting right here?

This week, I decided to bake bunny cakes instead of brownies. I’m sure you’ll understand why I’m relieved that not only were no reporters on site, no one else showed up, either:

And the word on the Capri pants is that they emerged from beneath the grounds unscathed. If any staining did occur, the overall brown patina of the fabric rendered any defects invisible to the naked eye, a merit not enjoyed by all baked goods.

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