Wednesday, March 12, 2008

...But What Can I Get for the Thousand Words?

It's not a good writing week. On the heels of yesterday's Upset with The Editor , The Antiques Roadshow series came to a screeching halt when the subject ended up with a broken foot. Although my editor--not the one who thinks it's "wierd" to pay for assigned work--still wants the stories when the subject is back on both feet, early projections are that the coverage will fall when I'm wallowing ankle-deep in school work. My relationship with the paper could, if fact, be on its last leg.

In the aftermath of all the literary trouble, I decided it was the perfect time to focus on list item #10:



£¡žž¡ [c.h.e.a.] said...

hi !!
on april 12th, your family is invited to mine and jen's confirmation party [[i already told brandon]] so he might tell you to ask you if you guys can go...if we get your address, we can send you an invitation [:

£¡žž¡ [c.h.e.a.] said...
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