Thursday, July 30, 2009

Let's Talk

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you hosted a gathering in your home—let’s, for the sake of discussion, assume it to be an eclectic mix of family, friends, acquaintances, and any number of complete strangers—and despite your best efforts to facilitate engaging conversation the entire assemblage sat inexplicably mute?

Or wouldn’t it just be completely freaky to know-- not unlike that family from Pennsylvania with the guy living in the attic around the holidays-- that you had guests, but never actually make contact with your covert visitors?

Blogging feels a little bit like both scenarios at times. Simply put, comments make my day. There’s nothing quite like coming back to the computer a few hours after a post and discovering that something I wrote made someone, somewhere laugh, or think, or reflect. I’m told that there are bloggers out there who just can’t handle the volume of responses to their posts, either practically, or in some cases even technologically, as the flood of commentary overflows inboxes and clogs servers. I can’t imagine having problems of such magnitude. I’m just a girl trying to host a cozy online space where we can sit back and laugh; maybe kick off our flip-flops and take life a little less seriously for a few minutes. A place where levity might dissolve into perspective, and from perspective, who knows?

So pull up a monitor, grab a coffee, or diet cola, or a sip from a nearby water fountain, if that’s all you’ve got, and let’s talk. If my recent posting history is any indicator, I’ll be in and out a few times each week. And as for you, just come when you can. I’ll be glad for your company whenever you can stop by.

And if it happens to be a quiet, just listening day, that’s OK. But maybe next visit you’ll have something to add to the conversation that will make this virtual space seem a little more like home—and that’s even better.

a note about today's illustration: I fully acknowledge that today's go-along-with the post photo in no way enhances or illuminates the subject matter at hand. I have, however, decided for the time being to make this controversial image the official default photo for blogs that would otherwise go unillustrated.


Kathy said...

Ok, so I am going to comment, just because I ALWAYS read your blogs, but have never commented before. I'm standing here, listening to Asher and Ari fight - maybe I should get involved?

Tranquil Thunder said...

The default image is a good start, but you get extra points for a picture of the manager...

running_with_letters said...

A first time comment from Kathy, how exciting! And as far as the tiff between your oldest and youngest--I don't know the official stance of psych department at ODU, but my developmental psych prof was quite clear that letting children work out their own battles was the way to good mom points for being online during the heat of battle!

And I did mention in a comment to Chelsea on the prior post that I do so wish I'd captured the manager lurking in the background. After posting that remark, however, I went back to double check the law on publishing photos of people...and yes, that would have been legal, too. Lurking in the parking lot, he had no reasonable expectation of privacy, any commentary would not have cast him in a inaccurate light, and, even though there is a slim chance he could have claimed foul on the embarrassment clause, it still wouldn't matter, because the whole event was newsworthy (not the mocha run, but the civil rights violation--just to clarify!)


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