Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A Taxing Situation

“Will I be getting a bailout?” my son inquired with an earnest squeak.

He’d just completed his first job application, following a tip about a particular fast food joint known for including a token 14-year old on the payroll, and my husband was helping him estimate his post-tax earnings should the job materialize. Evidently, he found the numbers so staggering his thoughts immediately went to bailout.

When my husband explained that he’d get some of the money back when he did his taxes, the poor kid blanched. “I have to do taxes?” he asked. It was one thing to have the government take taxes, but the news that he might have to do taxes exacted quite a toll.

“What if I don’t do it? Will I be audited?”

“Audited? No, you go to jail for not doing your taxes,” my husband informed him.

“I can go to jail over this?” Despair washed over the boy. “What if I just can’t do taxes?”

“Son, it’s a simple one page form. It should only take you a couple minutes.”

Brandon fell silent. “Dad?”

“Yes, Son?”

“If I get this job, I’ll have just as many jobs as you do. What takes you so long?”


Princess Elwen said...

Hearty laughs, Auntie! Tell cousin Brandon I hope his job goes well!

running_with_letters said...

Sadly, princess, the poor guy didn't even get his promised interview. when he showed up at open-interview Wednesday, they turned him away, stating that they were not taking on any 14 year olds at this time :( The story is still good for laughs, though...good to see you here--it's been awhile.

RockinBlueGlasses said...

Oh. That Manchild is all grown up. I'm going to have to stop calling him Manchild soon.

Princess Elwen said...

Awww...poor unfortunate soul...
He really is growing up :)

Love you!!!

Icon-1 said...

ditto on the hearty laughs


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