Tuesday, April 06, 2010

From the Better Late Than Never Files or Away, Squared

So, I stood you up yesterday. I apologize. Neither the tech, or as it turns out, the coffee, is as abundant as the solar rays here in the Sunshine State. Everything else is wonderful. I awoke at 2 AM yesterday to witness the launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery. A friend asked me via facebook if it was everything I expected, and I had to say that, honestly, I had no idea what to expect. At one point, I actually thought we'd be standing around a platform, waving to the astronauts as they boarded, feeling the heat of the exhaust on our bare skin as the rockets propelled the shuttle heavenward right behind some burly security guards and braided rope, and other crazy things.

As it turned out, we were some of the lucky few, thanks to my husband's affiliations with NASA, to have passes to view the whole scene from the causeway observation point. What's more, we were able to meet up with a couple I know from work and take them along. Viewing a launch represented an item from her husband's Life List, and, evidently, our vantage point was beyond his wildest dreams. So it was great to assist in making a dream come true and watching the joy of it unfolding.

I was as tired as I expected to be, particularly considering that I was still going at 9 PM even though, for various reasons that could star in a post of their own, I'd been without beans for seventeen hours.

It's a new day now, and I'm off now to scout out some joe. Now that the shuttle is up, up, and away, it is now time for anchors to follow suit. I'm Bahamas bound!


Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

That's awesome, thank you for sharing! I'll have to show my daughter, she'd love the pics.

Gropius said...

Oh how lucky you are to have this grand experience! It's absolutely astounding that we can send people into space with such ease now--at least have it appear that way. I am always in awe of what NASA accomplishes.

Holly said...

So cool...that is actually on my list of things I want to do - not sure if I will ever get to, but I really want too.


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