Saturday, April 03, 2010

Two Places at Once

So I’m finally leaving the country. But as I’ve already been largely gone from gone from Bloggy-ville for way too long already, I’ve actually made arrangements to be two places at once for the coming week: on far away sunny beaches and right here at my virtual home. Yep, I am THAT good!

So if you’d like to stop by for a visit this week, I’d plan on Monday and Wednesday, for sure (hint: there’s some pre-fabbed material already scheduled). I wouldn’t put another surprise visit or two out of the question, but as I’ll be working off my i-touch and my husband’s netbook, those would be of the short and sweet, possibly pictorial variety.

I won’t be able to read other blogs this week, but I will be sure to visit all of my faithful commenting followers upon my return.


5thsister said...

have a wonderful trip! glad to see you again and i look forward to your posts, prefabbed or not!

Gropius said...

Looking forward to your posts & hoping you have a delightful trip. May the weather be beautiful, the food be delish and the sights be inspiring.


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