Saturday, November 09, 2013

An RWL Fashion Alert

Disclaimer:  Runningwithletters isn’t a fashion blog.  It’s highly suggested that readers familiarize themselves with the dingy t-shirt confessional, the feminine liner sweat guards, the episode with the New York pants and the ill-fated clothing swap before acting on any advice offered herein. 

Blah, blah, all right, with the requisite legalese out of the way, let’s get to my exciting fashion reveal. 

I have an excellent lead on a major fashion trend set to hit the U.S. around February. I’ve decided to get on the cutting edge of this one, and, in the spirit or sharing and good will, I’m passing the tip on to my readers just in time for holiday gift giving. 

Regular readers are likely looking for a punch line, but this is a case of straight-up reportage.  Around mid-winter, I predict women everywhere will be sporting arm cuffs like these:

The Baker wearing a vintage find

The reason?  Downtown Abbey’s track record of sparking interest in vintage fashion combined with the fact that on a Season 4 episode that aired in England in October, Lady Edith wore a smart, sassy gold arm band that looked like this:

(Photobombing courtesy of  The Baker) 

If this trend does take off?  Remember you heard it here first!  On the other hand, if you stock up for Christmas and it turns out to be a no-go this post will have vanished inexplicably from the interwebs and we'll all just pretend this never happened.


Anonymous said...

All good fashion comes around again : ) Pun intended,,,

Joanne Tanner said...

Ah! That explains it. I was wondering what was up with all the arm cuffs on the Davis fems. I was quite distracted by yours while you were teaching Bible Study the other night. You would make a sweeping gesture with your arm, ostensibly to demonstrate the import of a particular passage, and I'd be like... how did her bracelet make it way up her arm like that? Weird. Now I know! It was a statement! Very nice.


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