Friday, July 18, 2014

Eye Glasses

Last summer, some members of our team ran an eye clinic.

The Haitians would sit in a chair positioned a specified distance from an eye chart.  Where they stopped on the chart corresponded to pre-made glasses of a specific strength.

Lots of glasses left the clinic, but, oddly, I did not see a single Haitian leaving sporting specs.

I asked Ken, who was heading up the clinic, what the deal was.

“They put them in their shirt pockets,” Ken said. “They think the glasses are to special to wear all the time. They’re saving them for special occasions.”

Friends and Readers: I am in Haiti this week, but have left you with a series of short posts highlighting aspects of Haitian culture to encourage thought, discussion, and understanding. I'm scheduled to return tonight at midnight! I'll be back with fresh stories next week!

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