Friday, July 06, 2007

Chocolate Cheese, Minnesota and the Mississippi, Brandon in Brandon

Chocolate cheese. Chicken soup cheese. Blueberry cheese. Cranberry cheese. We couldn’t leave Wisconsin without stopping a specialty cheese shop. All chesses could sampled for free—I actually like blueberry cheese. It would be wonderful in salad. We made several purchases and headed for the Minnesota.

We ate our leftover Chicago pizza along the Mississippi river at the boarder of Minnesota and South Dakota. We left the highway and dipped into Iowa for awhile. I thought I knew what farmland was from PA—lots of rolling little farms all over the countryside. That’s not true farmland. True farmland is when there are cornfields as far as the eye can see in all directs for several hundred miles. That’s farmland. It’s beautiful.
At a rest stop in South Dakota, Brandon discovered literature about a town called Brandon. We ate West-Mex at Taco John’s in Brandon. A great little town that, according to my son, “has everything I like.” He thinks he may return someday to be mayor.
Today’s Stats:
Miles: 600
States: 4 (Wisconsin. Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota)
State license Plates: 33
Creatures: Llama, prairie dog, jack rabbit, many cows, horse and sheep
Total state count: 9

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Anonymous said...

"Life is too short to eat bad cheese" Did you think of me???



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