Sunday, July 22, 2007

Four Corners or No Corners?

We had to by-pass one of our stopping points last night. We'd been travelling though desolate desert for hours on end, and it was dark by the time we reached the Four Corners region--where Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico merge.

We had to travel an hour beyond the Four Corners to secure accommodations--and we had a firm list of "non-negotiables", the most urgent being laundry facilities as yesterday morning our son was found distraught in the van wearing the last of his pants--a pair he couldn't zip, as he'd outgrown them. His sister classifies their inclusion in his luggage as a packing error on her part. She took it upon herself to pack his luggage, as trips to Pennsylvania invariably end up with my son showing up with a suitcase full of comics and Gameboy paraphernalia. Usually by day three, my sister stops marvelling at the similarities between our sons' wardrobes and catches on to the fact that my boy is raiding his cousin's closet every morning. As my nephew isn't along to keep my son from cobbling together outfits from comic book pages and software, my daughter did his packing. She only packed items found in his drawers, and as he claimed to have organized and purged his wardrobe mere weeks ago, I'm not sure why the pants were available for her to pack. However, I digress into the murky terrain of family mysteries that aren't worth the effort of solving.

So, the question this morning is, do we double back the hour to the Four Corners, thus losing two hours of travel time, in addition to any time we might spend there--adding to our ever-widening gap between where our schedule says we should be and where we actually are--or do we simply press forward?

Besides, my daughter has long-standing image of the Four Corners that she's not sure she wants reality to alter. She pictures roads from the four states converging at an intersection with a traffic light smack in the middle. She likes that image.

Alas, I suspect that in the spirit of adventure, we'll risk deficits and possible disappointment and rewind to the Four Corners.


Jen said...

It seems there has been a lack of commenting lately on the posts, but I want you to know that you are still looked at and read at least once day, but usually more often than that, we check back for a new post. Its good to see ya'll are still doing well, even if you are behind. Did you actually expect to remain on schedule? I know for a fact that you can't even stay on schedule when driving to Creation or starting Bible Study, so why should traveling for several weeks be any different? Just keep having fun, because that is really what is most important. And whatever unpleasant and unplanned experiences come along the way, those are what the best and funniest family stories are made of.

Catherine Wannabe said...

The commenting strike is over, with all parties well compensated in the new contract.

Did you at least have the Odyssey episode called "Four Corners" to listen to??

I think you made a wise choice to press on, especially considering the perilous travel info I unearthed on the Little A'Le'Inn website. Good stuff.

Catherine Wannabe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Catherine Wannabe said...

Whoops, I read it wrong, you haven't made your decision yet! Nothing like a sloppy fan who is too hasty with comments. Sorry!

Kayla McOink said...

Keep writing Auntie! Loved the post


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