Sunday, July 15, 2007

Let it Snow!

Our Journey Through Time took us back a few calendar pages yesterday, as we found ourselves in a snowball fight at Crater Lake.

It was well into the 70’s on a sunny July afternoon and the path we followed to highest point of Crater Lake was lined with snow. Along the way, we stopped to play with chipmunks, take pictures--and throw snow at each other.Most of the day was spent on backwoods Oregon byways. Although we seldom encountered other vehicles, the state of Oregon still felt compelled to issue dire warnings. Every fifty or so miles, they randomly erect a sign that reads “CONGESTION”, just for kicks. We’d be rolling along through forest or farmland and –bam! CONGESTION! It really makes me wonder if the citizens of Oregon would survive I-64 at rush hour.

We crossed the border and are now in California. Just before dark, we went through the Redwood forest, where will plan to return this morning.

Currently, we are registered at a motel that now defines my new standard for low. If Brandon gives this place any stars, he may lose his credibility as a budding reviewer of standard. Upon check-in, the children sat on their bed, fondly remembering the finer points of all our prior accommodations.

“Remember the blankets at the woodcutter place?” Allison said wistfully.

“Remember the hot tub in Idaho?” Brandon sighed.

“Remember Internet?” I mumbled as my connection dropped for the zillionth time.

Literature provided by the facility warns of a previously unconsidered source of potential death. Evidently, we are in a tsunami hazard zone. We’re also told to be on alert for ticks, poison oak and “sneaker waves,” a mysterious force responsible for 63% of weather-related fatalities.

I must sign off for now, as my husband just reminded me that we can either spend more time in this room, or with the Redwoods and San Francisco!

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Alicia said...

Sounds like you guys are having quite the adventure! We're off to Prince Edward Island tomorrow with Mom and Dad. Safe travels...Alicia


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