Thursday, July 05, 2007

Madison, Wisconson--more than cheese

“We’re in Ohio and the turkey’s missing,” I informed my sister’s voice mail. We’d just pulled into a rest area to make sandwiches when we discovered that the turkey was gone.

It was last seen while making last minute adjustments to the cooler in her garage. I picture the package stuck to one of their tires, or perhaps strewn about the yard as bear bait.

This was the first of a series of minor setbacks. Following a hungrier-than-anticipated trip into Chicago we encountered some difficulty locating a pizza place. Aside from being in an unfamiliar city with limited map recourses, location of a suitable pizza joint was hampered by distractions concerning a monster stomach ache I was having. It peaked outside a little dive with a pizza sign and group of thugs discussing the size of the roach in the bathroom. We pressed on.

Fortunately, research paid off and we spotted a Lou Malnati’s—one of the big names in Chicago pizza—and we enjoyed a traditional deep dish pizza along with a thin crust version that wasn’t as good.

I was still plagued by stomach pains when we entered Wisconsin and were greeted by gorgeous scenery and the largest, most vivid rainbow I ever saw in my life. It lifted my spirits at once, and I couldn’t help interpreting the rainbow as a promise of even better things to come.

Today’s stats:

States covered: 5
Total miles: 782
Total spent on tolls: $20.60
Creature sightings: deer and owl
License plate sightings: 31

ABP’s issued on:
a pound of chipped turkey
A Sponge Bob *
A Waterworld video

* denotes later recovery

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