Friday, July 13, 2007

The Way Things Are

Leaving Baker City, 11 AM PST

Miles to date: 3728

Miles traveled yesterday: 560

Creatures: alpaca

License plates: 40 states, 2 provinces, 1 US Government

Where we are

A truck full of onions
A sign reading: “Fer sale home grown beef” (not a typo)
An old pick up truck with a cute little log cabin built into the bed, traveling down the highway

In academic news, my supporters in the Graduate Office waved a magic wand and cleared my records of all roadblocks preventing my registration. In a seemingly unrelated development, registration was extended by a day and with a stroke of the keyboard this morning, I am fully registered for fall semester.

Checking out of the hotel this morning, it came to light that Brandon didn’t leave a rating sheet in the room. “You’re slipping,” I said.

“No, they are,” he replied. “They didn’t supply a pad of paper. I don’t even have pen to remember them by.” The oversight cost them a star.

Viewing Baker City from an aerial vantage point on the highway, my husband said "This town doesn't look too bad." He paused. "But the cemetery is huge."

Note to regular readers: Prior posts are continually being infused with more photo journalistic elements as time permits. It never hurts to scroll back and check prior posts for new features.


Catherine Wannabe said...

Love the pics! (Love you all, too.)

Jennifer said...

I love the pics too.. they are awesome!!


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