Thursday, November 19, 2009

One Line Wednesday: The So Late It's Early Edition

The variegated wig was the most notable feature of the stiff form splayed on the roadside sofa.

It was the neutral sleeve with the subtle stripe that first flashed into my peripheral vision midway through my morning run. I had been noting, in a vague sort of way, the plethora of roadside bulk refuse that the city--no doubt hampered by an unusual volume of post-storm rubbish-- had neglected to pick up on Tuesday, our neighborhood's usual garbage day. The assortment of worn furniture, rusty lamps and typical basement fare was unremarkable--then the stiff sleeve caught my attention and I missed a step in my evenly-paced sprint.

The khaki-esque trousers registered next, heightening the level of my concern enough that I pulled to a complete stop and noted the pile of primary colors arranged atop the pate determined, to my great relief, that it was merely a well-dressed effigy about to meet its fate.


5thsister said...

Very nice handling of the written word! I enjoy your writing style!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Loved what you wrote, was freaked out by that dead scarecrow.

kys said...

I would have been freaked out to see that up close! (Almost as bad as the snake in my bathroom.)

Willoughby said...

It looks like the scene of a brutal scarecrow attack!

Life Laugh Latte said...

What an interesting combination of garbage! You should have set the toilet upright...pulled down the scarecrows pants and put him on the john. Thanks for coming by, Holly:)

Erin said...

Oh. My. Goodness.
Am speechless.
WHat an interesting trash pile. Although it makes me sad they didn't list any of it on Craig's List rather than sending it all to the landfills.

Kathleen said...

Looks like leftover Halloween! Glad you didn't make a gruesome (sp? That doesn't look right.) discovery!

Gropius said...

What an incredibly beautiful--yet somewhat disturbing--image!!


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