Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One Line Wednesday

The variegated wig was the most notable feature of the stiff form splayed on the roadside sofa.

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I'll be back tonight with the back story on today's line, and can't wait to read your lines in the meantime!


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

What I have learned in my 42 years of life, is that the pomp and circumstance is just that....ceremony.

Like that??

5thsister said...

"I also think I shocked the poop out of her for shortly thereafter I had to clean up the biggest doggy dump I've ever seen in my life!"

Sorry. I looked through last week's posts and this is what I came up with.

Kathleen said...

Get a new couch, did ya?

5th Sister's one-liner is, uh, interesting.

I have no one-liner. Again. Unless you count, "All day today I thought it was Thursday. All day yesterday I knew it was Tuesday. Seems I misplaced Wednesday somewhere." Literally. So doesn't count! :-)

Holly said...

I'm intrigued...

"She would look at me and flash a smile, as if she knew when it was just too much." That's my go at it. (Lame!)

Gropius said...

Feeling like a little girl again, I feel the sting of skinned knees as I ponder my morning walk gone bad from tripping on the dog.


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